Sugar Mummy Need Affair With A Handsome Young Man

Sugar Mummy Seeks Discreet Affair With A Handsome Young Man

Any man who want to condemn me for my choices of been a sugar mummy, shouldn’t bother. I have heard the complains from other sugar mummies so I am not looking forward to hearing anything more. I’m just a sugar mummy who expects response from any young man who might want me. Please don’t share my name or any form of my identity. I want to remain discreet about this.

Well what I want is a young man who is interested in me been his sugar mummy and nothing more. My husband family will not be comfortable with me been a mummy but I have needs. They will not want to understand that so I need something like a discreet affair. He also has to be an expert in satisfying a woman in bed. He must be good at it. My lover has to be ready to come to me whenever I want him.

Any sugar mummy like me will understand what I am going through and not judge me. So no man should bother me with his judgement and condemnation. You have to also make sure you are ready to share with me pictures of yourself. I want this to be discreet. I promise to protect your identity as long as you protect mine. This will really be a wonderful experience we can really both enjoy.


(1). Drop your phone number in contact again; we have received a lot of complaints

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