Fresh List Of Ashawo Joints In Abuja

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Wuse Zone 4

Located in the city center, this area connects the rest of Abuja to strategic places such Shehu Musa Yar’Adua centre, shoprite, arts and culture village amongst others. One would hardly notice a sign of the activities that go on in this place but at night, its a red-light district. The presence of a motel just before the Zone 4 bridge has made it almost impossible for the past administrations to stop this menace as it has become home to ladies of easy virtue.

Kubwa Kubwa is the fastest growing satellite town in the FCT, this is because it is home to most civil servants and low income earners who cannot afford the luxury of having a house in the city centre. The choice of this place by most residents asides the relatively cheap cost of houses, is due to its proximity to the city centre, security and livability of social amenities like good motor-able roads, potable water, relatively constant electricity and a functional government health facility.

In addition to the already existing hotels, trending in this part of Abuja is the conversion of houses meant for residential purposes to hotels. There is presently no street in kubwa without two or more hotels.

Utako Unlike other areas, commercial s*x in this part of Abuja is done in such a way that no one would really suspect a thing. Here, young girls usually between five to eight people would pair to get a house, go out mostly at nights, then return home in the morning. Some of these girls also host their male visitors  who usually leave in the mornings.


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